Statue Exhibition organiser Planetrise (Press release)

Beata Somogyi

2020. 10. 26.

Planetrise Association as the Exhibition Organiser
Script - in English / video - in Hungarian

Art from waste

Until the end of December, the exhibition of Scelsa Giuseppe can be seen in Gyenesdiás at the House of Nature. The exhibition was organized by Planetrise and courtesy of Bakonyerdő Zrt.

Many interested people gathered at the House of Nature on October 20 in Gyenesdiás to enjoy the exhibit of the works of the Italian amateur artist living in Hungary, which are crafted by further utilizing redundant materials.

The artist himself confirms about his works, "We like to find inspiration in the ironworks or among the materials that everyone thinks are unnecessary, thus further utilizing an old used object or just making an interesting judgment about waste material."

Managing director of the Jane Goodall Institute András Kádár added, “Reflecting on recycling, Scelsa Giuseppe’s works reinterpret the things that are already useless, inspiring us and visitors to be perhaps so useful and inspiring new life. They also draw attention to the importance of recycling.”

Finally, Dr. Péter Gergő Juhász, President of the Planet Rise, noted, "This is the first stop of a traveling exhibition; the works will be presented in Budapest and then in Kisvárda."