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Reflections of Scelsa Giuseppe (Pino)

"To recycle.

Not a very nice word by ear! It also creates small embarrassments for people who fortunately are fewer and fewer.
Recycling a piece of clothing used to be a sign of poverty. An unappreciated gift was inappropriate to pass on to others, rather to leave it forgotten in a drawer.
Finally we are globally realizing that reusing things, objects, materials is increasingly useful, appropriate, almost mandatory!
Never negativity, but the pleasure and gratitude you feel in reviving the scrapped is totally strong, almost indescribable!
Reuse and have respect and consideration of how much wealth Mother Nature makes available to us without asking for anything in return. We thank her by returning materials in the form of garbage. We continually hurt ourselves and feel no pain.

Perhaps recycling, even if the word is not beautiful, should become mandatory in a real, concrete and pleasant way."

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