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Art meets Gastronomy in order to 'surprise' // GÖDÖLLŐI HÍREK

Gödöllői Hírek


Exhibition at Hello Food Supreme Bistro Gallery in Gödöllő, Hungary

Bearing ball, ice cream scoop, Pannonia engine headlight: Scelsa Giuseppe creates his sculptures using these and similar materials. The amateur visual artist, who has been living in Hungary for two decades now, is fascinated by all forms and materials. What is waste for others is a real treasure for him. Protecting the artistic value and the environment is also important for the creator. What really motivates him is to give old things a new function and thereby evoke a reaction and emotions from people. According to the artist, it is very useful for our Earth if we produce less waste and recycle the existing waste.

Those who, after reading the above lines, feel like viewing the works of the Italian-born artist, do not have to go far. The special creations can be seen in the Hello Food Supreme Bistro at Szabadság tér 25 in Gödöllő until the middle of August.

The exhibition called 'Arte di Pino', featuring recycled sculptures and paintings, can be traced back to the word 'Art' and the nickname of the creator's first name 'Pino'. The exhibition was opened at the beginning of July by the president of the Planetrise Cultural and Environmental Protection Association, Péter Gergő Juhász, as the non-governmental organization founded in 2002 has several objectives, which focus on sustainable development and environmental protection. The work of Giuseppe - who also protects our planet - is connected to the activities of the association, whose main mission is to reduce environmental damage.

Pino especially likes to work with tree roots found in nature. At the same time, he finds inspiration even at the ironworks or among materials considered unnecessary by others, thereby further utilizing an old object of use, or even a metal, wood or glass waste material of an interesting shape. The themes of the works often depict persons, animals, feelings and life situations with humor or deeper thoughts. They personify inanimate objects, now considered useless, seeing in them a look, a shape or a situation. Thanks to creativity, objects made from a combination of different materials can now take on a new function and form and continue to be part of our environment.

Currently - until the middle of August - in downtown Gödöllő, at the HelloFood Bistro, where the owner, Attila N. Horváth, offers exhibition opportunities to local and neighboring artists on a monthly basis.

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