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Family Capsule Wardrobe // KÉP-MÁS MAGAZIN

Vanyovszki Mária


Kép-Más Magazine (Hungary)

English Transcript:
It all started in the basement of the family house. Like in the twisting stories of the greatest Italian brands, amidst the hardships of the world, the business started out of a small workshop, from the passion of a father, made successful by the unification and support of family members.
Giuseppe Scelsa moved to Hungary two decades ago and built the lakeside house for his wife, Zsuzsa, and their twin children, Elisa and Orazio. While adoring the cuisine of the two nations, Giuseppe also learned Hungarian after Italian, French and English. With Zsuzsa, they raised their children in this multicultural duality, who were then free to choose their further education: Elisa goes to university in Budapest and Orazio in Milan. However, due to the constraints of the epidemic situation and start of digital education, last year they both returned to their parents ’house, in the basement of which their father recedes to make his art every day after work.
The members of the versatile family were encouraged by the closeness to collaborate and create together, which resulted in the first collection of the ORAZIO’s brand.
"Despite the circumstances, it was good to be with my family, and it was actually the inspiration that it was time for me to create something." Orazio says.
The young man had already matured the idea of bringing his approach to dress to life in his own collection. He was greatly influenced by the style of his Italian grandfather, also called Orazio.
“I often wear pieces that were left to me by my grandfather. I wanted to carry this thought forward in a brand by combining the values of the past with the experiences of the present for future generations. ”
In 2017, his father, Giuseppe, began creating works of art from scrap materials, discarded objects, metal parts, pieces of stone and other ‘waste’.
“I’ve always loved making things with my own hands. In my early career, I was living on antique furniture renovation in England. When we lived in Turin for a year and a half, I started rethinking home furnishings from all sorts of antiques. I assembled my first lamps from elements of driftwood, stones, amber branches and old chandeliers found during our trips to the beautiful province of Piedmont. ”
Every shape and material moves his imagination: bearing ball, butterfly dowel, tin jug, Pannonia motorcycle lamp, wooden boards; Giuseppe thinks further and creates something new out of it, adding value.
“The experience of recycling and reusing materials goes back to my childhood. I had an uncle who had already started a thriving business with selective waste collection in the 1950s. When my father and I lived abroad for several years, with the local kids in Africa we competed with cars made of wire. And in Iraq, when I donated my clothes to a local family, they made a hardened ball from the shreds of clothes for the next day, and we played football. Old tools have always been enchanting for me, especially those made by hand. ”
Orazio’s first collection was based on one of his father’s paintings painted on recycled wood panel.
“I was very happy when Orazio came up with the idea of using one of my paintings for his collection. He takes great pride in all the work and care he has taken throughout the process and paid attention to every detail. In parallel with the launch of the ORAZIO’s brand, I launched a Limited Edition series of ‘Encounters’, copies of which are numbered and authenticated with my own signature. Images 1 and 2 are, of course, the property of Elisa and Orazio. I thought it would be a beautiful memory for all of us in the future. ”
Printed materials were made from the painting “Encounters,” which were used for basic pieces such as the bucket hat, bandana, t-shirts, and shorts. The Orazio x Arte di Pino capsule collection is a line of fresh and cheerful clothes born from new experiences of the father-son relationship. The campaign material was also shot together during their holiday in Croatia with an analog camera, photographed on film, as did his father or grandfather in their youth.
"Through the power of color, the 'Endless Summer' collection is about love, equality, respect for the past and acceptance of the future." Orazio says. “I invented the line to create unique pieces that are independent of seasons and trends, which can be the foundation of a sustainable, long-value, family capsule wardrobe. Everything is a size that anyone from XS to L can wear and everyone will look different. Every piece is unisex, so members of a family can wear it alternately with each other, the way I wear my grandfather’s clothes, my dad’s, or he wears mine. ”
As the way of life of the whole family is determined by sustainability, the smallest possible ecological footprint was sought in the production of clothes as well. All pieces of the collection are made in Hungary, in the workshop of a family sewing shop in Budapest. They also procure and print the materials.
Behind the creative energies of the male members of the family, the work of women plays a major role. Elisa is Orazio’s main inspiration for marketing: she is both a photographer and a model, who adds to the success of communication materials not only with her beauty, but also with her ideas and knowledge.
“I was very happy to be the model for the first collection. I felt special; it was good that I got into the female role in the pictures, and not another model acquaintance or influencer girl. It also meant a lot to let me have a say in things, he took my advice, even though it wasn’t typical before. It was exciting and challenging to stand up to both ends of the camera at the same time. Instruction / photography is already going well, I can usually easily find good angles and know what Ori likes when he is photographed. It was more of a challenge when I had to stand as a model. I felt the pressure that we didn’t have much time and needed good materials. All in all, it was a great self-confidence-building experience, and it’s a fancy thing to say that in small parts, but I also contributed to the creation of ORAZIO’s brand. ” Elisa confesses modestly.
The mother, Zsuzsa, is the one who unites the whole family and the creative business alongside her full-time job. As a dedicated manager of Giuseppe’s work, she organizes exhibitions, arranges communication, and monitors tenders. She is proud of the father-son collaboration born under restraint is also as a mother.
“We girls are the hinterland behind the creative boys, but I think that’s at least as important. I am proud of their creativity and collaboration and that we manage ourselves so well as a team, as a family. To work together, to see your child as an almost equal party and to accept, trust in their abilities and intuitions; I don't think it's always easy. And on the child’s side, it’s not expecting the adult to do things, but to go about their own tasks on their own. And now, through business, we practice that every day. ”

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