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Up-cycled Statue Exhibition

Ákos Hársfalvi - Keszthely TVe


Keszthely TV reportage featuring Giuseppe's statue exhibiton opening ceremony.
(video in Hungarian - script in English)

"Bearing ball, butterfly dowel, tin jug, Pannonia lamp - Scelsa Giuseppe makes his sculptures using such raw materials. Every form and material moves the imagination of the amateur artist who has been living in Hungary for two decades now. What is waste to someone else is a real treasure for him.

The protection of artistic value and the environment is also important for the creator. Scelsa Giuseppe says it really motivates you to give old things a new function. According to the artist, it is very beneficial for our land to produce less waste and recycle the existing one.

The exhibition was realized by the Planetrise Cultural and Environmental Association. Founded in 2002, the NGO has several objectives, focusing on sustainable development and environmental protection. The work of Scelsa Giuseppe is related to the activities of the association.

“I think it’s a symbol. He wants to show that we need to pay attention to our planet, and much more famous experts from us are also trying to draw attention to this. We are also trying to show this part, so that if possible, do not litter, if possible, do not harm the environment, but if this has already happened in some form, we will try to remedy it, ”said dr. Péter Gergő Juhász, president of the association.

The Jane Goodall Institute has a long relationship with the Northeastern Association. The Hungarian Secretary General of the organization, named after the world-famous ethologist, spoke at the opening of the exhibition about the need for everyone to strive to live in harmony with nature.

Secretary General András Kádár: "We need to help, inspire other people to create this harmony, for example with this environmental education program, or by reflecting on the exhibition here, presenting the possibilities of recycling or reuse as interesting."

Until the end of December, the public can see the works made from the further utilization of redundant materials at the House of Nature in Gyenesdiás. Scelsa Giuseppe's sculptures will also be presented in Budapest and Kisvárda."

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