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2020 reflections and 2021 resolutions

As the first year of the new decade has come to an end, I have done some reflection around what happened midst these difficult times of 2020 to me, in my artistic journey.

I have collected the things I am proud of and grateful for:

#1 I have started 'Arte di Pino' and transform trash into value

#2 I have started my website: to showcase my paintings and statues

#3 in the springtime I have re-organised my workshop and now I am working on this 100 year-old carpenter table

#4 we had some new puppies born from Tina, my black labrador, bringing some joy to us during the lock-down, so that now we have 5 dogs in the family (thankfully our garden is big enough to give them space to run around and play)

#5 walking in the woods around my house I discovered a new interesting material to work with: tree-roots

#6 our website has been enhanced with AR (Augmented Reality) which allows you to superimpose the artwork on your own wall in the desired size and frame with your own mobile device (this is really XXIst century technology!!)

#7 In the summer, inspired by one of my paintings 'Encounters' my son launched his capsule collection: Orazio's x Arte di Pino - a Father and Son collaboraboration

#8 In our summer holidays I have collected quite some stones while walking on the shore and started exploring how to carve and created some stone statues as well

#9 our biggest joy and achievement this year has been the opening of my first upcycled statues exhibition in Keszthely, Hungary in October


#10 last but not least, I have also launched my first Limited Edition series from the '

' painting, where all pieces will be hand singned and authenticated.

I would also like to make some resolutions for the New Year to come. So here is the list :)

The things I would like to accomplish in 2021:

- I would like to continue to explore with new techniques and transform more trash into art

- I would like to reach out to you more often and communicate through social and other channels

- I hope to be able to showcase my pieces in other exhibitions and occasions through 2021

- and meet personally with many of you, once hopefully the pandemic situation will be over and restrictions lifted

Let's raise our glasses to a Resourceful and Happy 2021!!


Giuseppe (Pino)


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