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Discarded Emotions Exhibition June 2023

My 2023 solo exhibition took place in the lovely town of Szolnok on the banks of Tisza river in Hungary. Szolnok was the town where I first lived for 2 years (1999-2000), when I decided to re-locate from Italy to Hungary. This is the place where my twins were born, so I have quite some important and sweet memories to this town, which is filled with culture and heritage.

The opening ceremony was hosted by the local cultural representative Mr. Csaba Hajdú and opened by Mr. László Lits, Director of Local waste management company. We heard a funny, but important poem from a lovely young lady Lelle Sára Barabás: titled "Don't discard" written by Ervin Aranyosi. The event was visited by my dear local long-time friends, and family, which was an immense honor and pleasure.

The venue (Aba-Novák Agora) is modern architecture, with quite some natural light sources and interesting design - which pairs very well with my work: out of old and used.

It is always a great satisfaction to see my pieces 'live' in such interiors and also great pleasure to read the comments left in the guest-book.

Thank you to all of the organizers and visitors who made this happen!



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