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How 'Don Quixote's helmet' was born

I love turning un-used objects into something else and when I take an old piece in my hands, I study its form, turn it around and look at it from different angles and at last decide on my project. This is how the idea of turning this old white tin jug - by turning it upside down - into a helmet came into my mind.

First I designed the eyes and mouth and cut them out with a flex (which was quite difficult as the disc was way larger than the hole I needed to make), than I experimented with different shapes for the moustache and eyebrows (short/long, curly/straight). It took some time to find the right choice, but I think we made it.

I also had to think about the right base, so I chose a pole which than served also to hold the light bulb illuminating the helmet from the inside.

To conclude, I wanted to make the final touch with the polishing brush on the top of it... and last but not least... the colour. I took quite some time again to experiment on the colour, first blue, than... this stunning combination of red, bronze and black which in my view is the best fit for the theme.

You will see in the pictures the different stages of the creation. Apologies for the quality as I made them on the go, but I think this will be good enough to give you a feeling of how Don Quixote's helmet was born.


Giuseppe (Pino)


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