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How it all started: My very first metal statue

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I somehow always knew that I had quite some creativity inside (for example, I love to cook good italian food for friends and family - and I strongly believe that kitchen is all about being imaginative), but I never took a step to call it out in an artistic way.

I guess I didn’t have the courage to expose myself that way.

As one grows by age, starts seeing life from a different perspective, so one day I decided it was time to start doing what I really like and reveal my imagination and feelings through creation.

My first metal statue was spurred by a picture of a similar one which was sent over by one of our friends.

’I can do this’, I thought to myself. ‘I have some leftover materials down in my garage.’ (which has always been over-stuffed with all kinds of ‘treasures‘, at least to my eyes.., but due to this fact we often had to park our car outside.. as there was no room left). I also had some tools that I was using for making and repairing things now and then.

So, one day I stared experimenting with the bits and pieces that I had at my disposal and thought of a theme.

It might seem an easy task to assemble pieces together, but the real art is when your creation has a message and seems live.

I know that my very first creation is not perfect, this was the first step I took on a journey in which I am evolving day by day. With a final touch of the solar umbrella made out of a cutting disc, the theme turned into a woman reading in the beach while sunbathing.

This piece for sure has its emotional value to me and will hopefully bring smile on your faces too.

Thank you for reading through!


Giuseppe (Pino)


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