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2022 wrap-up

The challenging year of 2022 ended, and it is the right thing to do to take a moment and look back on one's achievements. I have been quite busy throughout the year and exploring more materials, having a myriad of ideas, working on multiple projects at the same time.

The year started with a spring pop-up exhibition opportunity at Mizaru Mambou Café in Eötvös 10 Cultural house in Budapest, an event hosted by András Kádár from Jane Goodall Institute and Juhász Péter from Planetrise Association.

Some of my works remain exposed in the Café, so drop by and visit if you are in town:

Read about the event here:

It has been an occasional encounter in June 2022 with Elvira Wagner, painter and gallery owner in Lahr, Germany, which led to a cooperation. 14 of my statues travelled with her to complement Elvira's colourful pictures in her Gallery.

Drop by and visit if you are around :)

The second exhibiton of the year was held through July and August, 2022 in the Gallery of Hello Food Supreme Bistrot in Gödöllő, close to my hometown. It was a pleasure to be able to host many of my friends at the opening ceremony, without the need to travel to a further destination and hope to have been able to surprise many people with my work.

This year I have enjoyed to explore with copper files, mostly extracted from used electric lines. I have been volunteering and teaching a few lessons in a local school, and I thought that working with this material could bring out some creativity in children, it certainly made me enthusiastic to mix materials with stones as well:

My interest in wood an metal continue to prevail this year as well.

Some of my works found new owners, it is a real pleasure to see them in homes appreciated:

As Xmas season was approaching, I took the opportunity to exhibit and sell some of my works at Ajándék Terminál, organised by HybridArt Management.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all of you, may 2023 bring you Peace and Joy!

Cari saluti, Pino


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