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dear Metal Statue Fans!

I have some new statues to introduce to you :-)

Recently I have created some new pieces out of 100% industrial scrap metal and I wanted to tell you their story.

#1 is 'Fulmine' in my native language, Italian and it means 'Lighting'. This is an industrial metal scrap piece from a factory which flattens sheets of metal from 14 cm down to 1 cm through enourmous rollers. This has a very interesting and raw form, which represents the strenght of this material. I was allowed to take this scrap piece out of a big metal plant where I was working on a project. I was right away captured by its interesting form. I made it rotating so that we can enjoy both sides of this piece.

#2 is 'Sailing the hard winds', a sailing boat made out of 3 old ploughs, a tube-bender device which is the ship's body itself and a piece from an old iron fence. I felt I would play around ploughs a little bit more, you might have seen I have several creations out of this equipment :-). The tube bender was a perfect base, with its rounded form it reminded me of a boat right away.

#3 this 'Spiral lamp" has come out of my curiosity of what to do with this huge spring, which honestly I do not know what was used for originally. The bottom cone is the shelter of reflector lights which I cut so that the lights can come through and embroided with some iron shavings. The spring rotates, the black and white colour gives the final touch. Perfect lamp for a modern living room or an office space.

I hope you like these creations, leave me your thoughts if you can :-)

Have a great day!


Giuseppe (Pino)


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