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I’m a 59 year-old, Italian self-made artist living in Hungary.

I enjoy to paint what I feel, mostly on natural surfaces and create from pieces that other people find useless. I do not like to waste and throw things so I 'upcycle' and use anything to paint on: packaging materials, wooden panels, old shelves. 

Recently I have been experimenting with metal statues of different themes from pieces that were leftovers from one of my friend’s mechanic workshop. 


I have also created some table and standing lamps and other home decor items combining natural materials, such as stones, ivy and old antique lighting parts collected from nature and garage-sales.

My latest passion is to create small statues from tree-roots which I collect from the woods around my house and carve smaller statues out of stones.

Hope you will enjoy my creations and join me in my mission to continue to use what is useless and with some imagination and creativity transform it into Art.

Thank you for supporting me in this journey,


Giuseppe (Pino)

IMG_5231 2.PNG

It is with great pride that I present the news of the launch of my son's Endless Summer clothing capsule collection: ORAZIO'S, inspired by my 'Encounters' Artwork.


'Encounters' is available in Limited Edition High Quality Artprint (100 pieces printed and hand signed and authenticated by me).

Watch the story behind in form of Q&A here.


Shop the collection here.


Hope you'll enjoy this exciting step in our journey!